Do Short-Term Vacation Rentals Violate HOA Regulations?

Short-Term Vacation Rental

Some property owners put their homes on the market for short-term summer rentals. This may be acceptable, or it may be a direct contravention of Homeowners Association (HOA) policies. If your association is looking to clarify whether “short-term rentals violate the regulations?” we’ll provide the advice you need at Ceresa Law.


As an HOA lawyer in Loudoun County, VA, we have a vast amount of experience dealing with HOA issues of all types and are prepared to handle this matter for you.


Some HOAs allow short-term rentals so that homeowners can use their dormant properties for extra income. Others are vehemently against this practice over concerns of noise and damage caused by transient visitors.


As your HOA lawyer, our firm can examine the current agreement to see if it allows such practices and act accordingly on behalf of your community. If the document prohibits short-term summer rentals, we can take steps to have them prevented. Our team can create a policy that clearly states they are not allowed and outlines punitive actions for violation.


If short-term rentals are not allowed, but your HOA wishes to permit them, we can draft an amendment to the policy that sets boundaries and requirements for compliance. This lets all parties know what is expected and helps homeowners stay in good standing and on good terms with neighbors.


Regardless if summer rentals are allowed or not, it’s wise to have an HOA lawyer in Loudoun County, VA, go over your association agreement to make sure that it’s well-defined and updated for modern considerations such as Airbnb. A little preparation can go a long way to preventing miscommunication and disagreements.