Law Firm in Ashburn, VA, Representing Condo and Homeowners Associations (HOA) Throughout Northern Virginia

More than likely, everyone’s most important asset is their home. A well-run condo association helps preserve or even increase the value of that asset. Our firm’s primary focus is providing legal advice and representation regarding all aspects of condo and homeowners associations. Our HOA attorney in Ashburn, VA, offers guidance in connection with governmental entities and the association’s contractors, insurance matters, election issues, meeting issues, and policy resolutions. We have specialized in this area of law since the firm was formed in 1997.

We have seen the problems and laws affecting condos and HOAs change over the years. There is not a problem that our law firm in Ashburn, VA, has not seen. As a result of this experience, we are able to anticipate issues and problems before they occur and respond proactively to them. Many times, issues can be addressed through revisions to the governing documents or rules and regulations adopted by the association. Sometimes litigation is necessary. While litigation is the least desirable way to deal with an issue, we are aggressive advocates for our client when necessary.


Serving in the Board of Directors of your condo or homeowners association can be a thankless job. Our firm’s job is to make your life easier by educating the board about legal issues typically faced by community associations. Our practice is designed to prevent and solve legal problems for our clients. That is our primary goal at Ceresa Law. With more than 30 years of experience in this area, we know your association’s legal rights and options.

Besides advising our community association clients, we also take pride in regularly notifying them of any changes in HOA and condominium law in Ashburn, VA, and throughout Northern Virginia. The links page on our site leads you to a wealth of information on state and county properties, condominium and homeowners association law, and more. We aim to educate our clients on their association’s rights and obligations. Moreover, we help them make the right choices for their communities. Consult with us, and your association will always have the legal advice you need at an affordable rate.

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