The Rights and Options of a Community Association

Community AssociationA community association, such as a condominium complex’s homeowners association, also called an HOA, has many powers and responsibilities under the bylaws of the group. These services are carried out by the HOA’s board of directors, which is charged with maintaining and overseeing the complex in light of the regulations.


It’s not easy for a loosely-collected group of individuals, the members of the board that is, to completely carry out their responsibilities effectively and within the scope of the associations’ regulations without professional assistance and guidance. The solution is to choose a real estate attorney in Ashburn, VA, to offer legal services and advice to the board.


A law firm, such as Raymond A. Ceresa Attorney at Law, has the combination of skills, experience, and know-how to work closely and successfully with your association to meet all its obligations. Your HOA will have rights under the governing documents that can specify what it can do, and also have many options when it comes to fulfilling its duties. Keeping on top of these rights and options is the key to the smooth operation of the board and running of the condo complex itself.


As state laws and regulations that directly impact an HOA are often changing, by having ready access to a real estate attorney, you can ensure that your association is on top of things and doesn’t get tripped up by alterations or addenda in real estate regulations.