The Differences Between HOAs and CAs

HOAs and CAsPride in ownership is something we all have. Whether it’s a new car, that new set of golf clubs, or your dream home, we truly appreciate something that’s a cut above the rest.


Pride in owning a home means that you may belong to a homeowner association (HOA) or community association. But how do these organizations differ? Is it essential that you belong to one, more than the other? Let a real estate attorney in Ashburn, VA, shed some light on the issue. Here’s a brief explanation from Raymond A. Ceresa Attorney at Law.


Community Association

A community association is formed by like-minded folks that live in a neighborhood and who want to support the social needs of the community while at the same time, planning, developing, and maintaining community amenities or facilities.


Membership in a community association is voluntary, and these groups exist to promote the wellbeing of the community and its people. Community associations are worth joining.


Homeowner Association

Membership in a homeowner association is usually mandatory and required by a land developer who owns the property on which a community is built. Fees are often needed, and each homeowner must maintain specific standards concerning lawn maintenance, snow removal, outdoor lighting, and possibly other things. 


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