All About Condominium Law in Ashburn, VA

Condominium AssociationThere’s nothing like condominium living. You are the owner of your luxurious condo, and as such, can add value to your real estate investment.


With condo ownership also comes condominium association membership. Take a few minutes now to learn about condo associations and condominium law in Ashburn, VA, from Raymond A. Ceresa Attorney at Law. We focus on condo law and provide comprehensive legal services that will benefit every condominium owner.


Condo Associations

But first, what is a condominium association? Well, as you know, there’s no more lawn care or extra work for you when you buy a condo. And major expenses are shared by everyone. Your condominium association handles these tasks and other administrative duties. Your personal safety and building security are looked after, and this, too, is the job or your condo association.


Condo Association Law

At Raymond A. Ceresa Attorney at Law, we’ll help you as a new homeowner and condominium association member with our condominium law services. You should examine the condo association’s finances, budget, and what each member owes annually. You should read over the minutes of the recent board of directors meetings. As a new or prospective condo owner, you need to know something about the day to day operations of your governing association.


How much insurance does the condo association carry? It’s not unusual for such associations to be sued. If the condo association comes up short and can’t cover a court-ordered payment, the homeowners may have to cough up the rest of the required amount. Raymond A. Ceresa Attorney at Law will advise you on any or all of these topics and what the best course of action would be. We look forward to hearing from you.