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Raymond A. Ceresa, P.C. appreciates the necessity of effective collection of delinquent assessments.  It has been our experience that a properly designed system with policies that are consistently enforced will keep the arrearage level at a minimum.  We recommend being pro-active and aggressive in the collection of assessments to encourage owners to pay their assessments in a timely manner.  Our firm is experienced in exercising the legal remedies available to condominium and homeowners associations to collect delinquent assessments.  These remedies include lawsuits, liens, bank garnishments, wage garnishments, property levies and foreclosure.  Our firm bills its services in this area on a fixed fee basis so that the board of directors can anticipate costs.  Because almost all association’s governing documents provide for the recovery of attorney’s fees and costs, we will make every effort to pass such expenses on to the delinquent owner.  Once a month, we will provide a status report in the form of a letter explaining the action taken in each case, the payments received and the fees and costs incurred.  This letter is provided free of charge.  More importantly, we give collection cases the personalized attention they need.




Another area of potential representation can be classified as litigation representation.  Mr. Ceresa is admitted to practice in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.  We advise clients on the cost, duration, settlement, and possible results of litigation.  While we try to avoid costly litigation for our clients, our firm has have successfully litigated claims numerous cases against vendors and disputes with owners.  As you might expect, disputes with owners usually involve violations of the association’s governing documents or rules.  In these types of cases, we make every effort to charge the offending owner with the costs and expenses incurred by the association.



Virginia Condominium Act

Virginia Property Association Act

Virginia Non-Stock Corporation Act

Arlington County Tax Assessment

Fairfax County Tax Assessment

Frederick County Tax Assessment

Loudoun County Tax Assessment

Prince William Tax Assessment

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